What Are The Costs

I approach each client as a unique project.

My hourly rate is $50. I do not charge my clients as I am attempting to grasp their concepts. When I meet with clients locally I can usually get all I need within the first hour meeting and there is no charge for that meeting. Long distance clients usually require email exchange of information such as text and graphics before I get a handle on what is desired.

I always suggest that clients take a look around the Internet in order to give me examples of things they like and don’t like in websites. Often a new client will think they really need a lot of “bells & whistles” when in reality they discover they do not. I find that using the analogy of a “full color printed brochure” is a good place to start for most “first timers” and then we can talk about shopping carts, mailing lists and such.

Once I have had a chance to understand your requirements and ideas, I will present you with an accurate cost estimate.

Throughout the design process you will be able to view components of your site as they are completed. For new sites or major renovations of existing sites… the completed work will be available on my server for your review.

I understand the importance of budgets and deadlines.

Search Engine submission to the major search engines is included.

Payment is due upon completion or, in the case of a project that takes longer than a few weeks, incremental billing may be appropriate. A deposit may or may not be required.